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alia aldarmaki art collage

Lets create art!

I am pleased to use my skills in order to provide work that would meet your requirements, whether it is for your personal, or professional use.
lets get your visions to life with various services including:

~ illustrations and paintings

~ concept Design

~ visual design and idea development

~ and more

looking forward to working with you.


Current status:
Open for Comissions

    if you are interested in commissions please read through this page and Email me to request a commission.

   By commissioning me, you agree to the terms below, changes may occur for commissions that are not for personal uses, like projects or commercial use, as they will include a contract.

Terms of service

General terms:

  • Commissions are currently available for digital and traditional art.


  • Commissioners should pay only after I notify them that the commission is accepted.

  • payment can be split in case of client request in two parts :

  1.  Payment for initial idea, thumbnails, sketch, or basic color plan.

  2. after approval, Rest of the payment should be done before i start working on the final idea.

  • If the commission is a sketch, full payment should be done before work.

  • I will start working on the commission after the payment is done.

  • payment is accepted with PayPal, or bank transfer.

  • If after payment commissioner requests additional things to be added or modified to the artwork that where not mentioned before, extra payment should be done for them.


  • Depending on commission type, it could take three days, a week or a month, I will be sure to inform you.

  • I will be sending you process photos of the work for review, please keep up with my updates so we would finish the commission on time.


  • Digital commissions will be sent through email, or other preferred methods.

  • traditional commissions will be delivered to you.

  • You will be getting progress photos/screenshots.

  • You will be getting full resolution file of the final product for digital commissions.

  • There will be no physical product for digital commissions, unless prints are requested.

Copyright/usage policy:

  • Commissioner is not allowed to reproduce work, copy, or use work for marketing purposes if it has not been agreed on.

  • Commission final work will include my signature, and may not be removed without my permission.

  • With commissioner agreement, I might be posting the commissioned work through my social media accounts, or any other future platform.

  • Commissioner may never claim the commission as their own work of art.

Refund and cancellation policy:

  • Commissioner can have a full refund if I haven’t  started working on the commission.

  •  Commissioner cannot have a full refund if I started working on the commission.

  • If you are getting a refund through paypal, do not request a PayPal chargeback. I will transfer the money back to you myself.

No reply policy:

  • if the commissioner does not reply to my messages for a month while we are still working on the commission, it will be canceled.

If commissioner commits unacceptable actions, they will be blacklisted, more severe actions could lead to intervention by other agencies.

Email to request a commission

Thanks for submitting!

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looking forward to working with you!

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